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Joyce Bennett

I love the water bottles and the travel mugs, they are so creative. I might have to have one of those. Thanks for sharing.

Fabric bottles

This is always the best accessories to use. I love the design over the bottles. Very good job!.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ds8xyK-r65M So cute looking Gypsy wrapping water bottles. Pink Fabrics is my favourite. Simply superb!!!

Kelley Bassett

LOVE these! I just ordered my VERY OWN FKM Gypsy water bottle!!! I shall take you with me wherever I go! xoxox

Jeanne Young

These colours are fabulous. Will order mine tonight.


air jordans

Typographic error from yesterday's post - "tug-'o-war" should have read "tug-o'-war". Ouch - I can see my 4th year English teacher grimacing...

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