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Victoria Johnson

Ooh, I love pix that show the mess and chaos! Makes life more real to me. I shared this post with my Glenn; he was happy to see your Glenn in action.

On Thursday mornings I knit/crochet with a lovely Englishwoman in her home just a few miles away. I am in awe of her: her stories, her accent, and her tea! Since school is out I had to bring my kiddies along with me this morning. I think they were equally enamored. Oh, what is it about you lovely English people and your accents?!

Too bad we don't live closer; we could be a bit crafty together. Eager to see your studio progress, Vic

gary rith

Oak flooring under there, yesssssssss! I must admit, when I see the Union Jack and when we were faced with the nuptials (and I like your prince and his duchess a lot...Will that is, and Harry too) these words always come to mind "...I am an anarchist....ANARCHY IN THE UK....." etc etc, courtesy of the S3x pistols :)

Kelley Bassett

Can't wait to see the final results! SO exciting!! Miss and love. xoxox

Joyce Bennett

Can't wait to see the finished studio, you will love it.

Nolan Anderson

Ugh, it's a total disarray right now but I think it'll be better soon. But it's fun to see things being torn up as the primer to beautifying the place for good! Keep us updated, Felicity!

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exciting to see what will be happen!
can you update me please. thanks!

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I like ANMJ on FB & just subscribed to the email feed! :)


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Priscilla Harper

I am crazy about your Gypsy collection!!! Do you know the writings of Duncan Williamson? He was one of sixteen children in a true gypsy or traveler family in Scotland in 1928. Although the gypsy life was hard he recalled, at night, "Father would tell us stories until one by one sleep would take us all."
There is both a uniqueness and a richness to the gypsy life, as there is to your beautiful fabrics!
Lovely work,

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